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Due to the current weather conditions, some, or even many of you may be experiencing flood conditions at your home or place of business.

The interruption to normal Family life or business operations is likely to add to the stresses and strains you face already... Add to this the daunting task of having to source and appoint contractors to carry out emergency repairs and quote for major refurbishments in some cases, plus the added hassle of having to find storage facilities for either domestic or business contents whilst drying out and repairs take place, and you are landed with a major headache!!

 We can help you resolve some or maybe even all of these problems.

Thanks to our expanding network of business partners we have access to skilled tradesmen will be able to carry out emergency repairs and drying out and also undertake major refurbishments should these be necessary. Furthermore, we will deal directly with your Insurers on your behalf and agree the costs and expenses.

In addition to the above, we are able to secure low cost storage facilities for your contents for the duration of any necessary works.

If you need help, just call Nigel Parkinson from our contacts page.