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Clifton Insurance Consultants Limited have partnered with BELFOR UK Ltd, a global property recovery and restoration company.   BELFOR UK Ltd carry out the end to end Recovery for any property and infrastructure related incidents that have an impact on businesses or residential premises. For example, fire, flood, spillage, machinery restoration, structural recovery and restoration, document and data recovery, electronics restoration to a broken window or damaged lock. BELFOR has all eventualities covered by RED ALERT.

If your business suffered an incident:

How quickly could you be up and running?

How many contractors would you be relying on to get you back up and running?

How could you prove you had minimised the cost and lifecycle of the claim?

The Good News – Clifton Insurance Consultants Limited are now working with BELFOR and the BELFOR Red Alert emergency response programme.

What this means to you:

Emergency service, via a dedicated emergency phone number, 365 days per year 24/7

Expert assistance in emergency situations – from major fires to area flooding.

3 hour response to site (2 hours for glazing and locks)

Rescue and protection of your assets the moment the RED ALERT team reaches the site

On the spot damage assessment

Written damage assessment report (proof you have mitigated any secondary damage and minimised the cost and lifecycle of a claim)

Red Alert is structured to work with your own emergency procedures, to provide total disaster management so that, when disaster does strike, everyone concerned is prepared for it and is operating in unison.  This allows the RED ALERT three stage action plan to be initiated with the utmost speed and effectiveness:

To make the premises safe and secure, prevent further damage and recover what is immediately salvageable.

To assess the extent of the damage

To restore premises, equipment and the business to full working order.

To assist you with taking part in Red Alert we have negotiated an attractive premium for you, RED ALERT cover for just £200 per commercial site and/or £50 per residential site per year. I am sure you will agree that for the above service this represents excellent peace of mind.

Full details of the product and services can be seen downloaded here. If this this product is of interest to you please phone to discuss or email via our Contact page.